Saturday, December 08, 2012

B-cells Say "Burble"

Tonight Zaya is a white blood cell.  He came to visit me in the heart (I was a cardiac muscle) and handed me an imaginary business card that said, "Zaya - B cell."

 He was being called up to "Lymph Node #26" but before he left, he gave me some antibodies to use if I should need them later. He then raced on his way with his trusty ribosome (otherwise known as Crimson, the plush dragon) and his plush white blood cell.

He is currently up in the U.S.S. Bedlam waging war on an invading micro-organism. He informed me that he is the artillery, and the T-cells and macrophages are the infantry. I'll be honest, I'm nervous for the little guy. White blood cells so often have to give their life in the struggle.

On a related note - did you know that white blood cells say "burble?" Well, plush ones do anyway; at least, they have for the last couple weeks. Dragons (and ribosomes) say "meep". I may be the only mother in the U.S. tonight who was kissed good night by two white blood cells and a ribosome, and then heard the phrase "I sure wish someone would make a plush mitochondria!"

Don't we all, sweetheart, don't we all.

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Lilibeth said...

The business card is a nice touch.