Monday, January 14, 2013

Hop, Hop, Chomp!

Mim made a shadow puppet play for us all tonight. She hung a sheet from her top bunk, then put Daddy's best flashlight on a stool some distance away. We all had to crawl into the bed to watch her show as soon as it was dark outside.

Here's a rough outline of the play.

Act One:
 Scene One - An alligator eats a bunny.
 Scene Two - A large meteor crashes to earth,  and inside are large bunny-shaped aliens.
 Scene Three - An alien bunny eats the alligator.

Act Two:
 Scene One - Another large meteor crashes to earth, and inside are even larger alligator-shaped aliens.
 Scene Two - An alien alligator eats an alien bunny.

After that, things descended rapidly into chaos.

Can you guess what two hand-shadow puppets Mim can make?

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Lilibeth said...

Looks like she needs to sign on with New Line.