Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Promise, It Was Just Root Beer!

We had a little birthday get-together at my parents' home yesterday. (Art and I have a birthday this next week.) After lunch and opening our presents (thanks, everyone!) we played a game that we've discovered in the last few years called Telestrations. We were first introduced to it by some sunday school leaders, and have since found an actual board game with nifty flip-cards to use instead of paper.

Here's the basic idea. Each person reads a word off of a card, and then tries to draw a picture of that word on the first page of their paper. They pass it to their right. That person looks at the picture, then flips to the second page and writes their guess as to what that picture was supposed to be. Sometimes this is easier than others, as will be made clear to you in a bit. This person then passes it on to the next and in that way it makes it all around the table. If you have eight players, then there will be eight booklets making their way around the table. Here's a great demo from our game yesterday. Further proof that my family is a little bit strange! (As if that were needed.)

This was my word. It was "Airhead". So I drew this.

Art somehow knew what this was. Kudos to him.

My brother, Elijah, then drew his own bizarre idea of an airhead.

And his lovely wife somehow knew what he meant, too. I'm glad we've both married people who can somehow understand us!

Then my sister, Claye, got hold of it. You have to understand that Claye is an artist. Which means her brain works differently from normal people. (Yeah, I love you too, Sis!)

Now, what would you guess if faced with this Dali-on-LSD drawing? My dad decided it was...

Yes, that says, "Chef Boyardee on Mind Blowing drugs", which mom then had to try to draw.

Being a little young for the concept of "mind blowing drugs" (thank goodness), Zaya went for the obvious.

Thus ended my little booklet. I wish I could show you some of the others. There were several classics this time. For instance, my dad had to draw a "flower child", so he drew a stick man with long hair and a head band holding a flower and a long 'cigarette'. Mom somehow pulled "anniversary" out of that. Makes you wonder, doesn't it? (She said she thought the cigarette was a candle.)


Lilibeth said...

It's a great game. Don't think I've laughed that hard in years and years.

Chandelle said...

I'm laughing now! Sounds wonderful funny!

aftergrace said...

This game is far too much fun. The girls went out and bought it after we played it at your place.