Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A Good Kind of Crazy

I think I've purchased all my Christmas presents. I think. Every time I walk into a store, though, I remember something else I was planning to pick up or someone else that I'm supposed to buy a present for.

My bedroom is equally full of laundry and presents. I promise they're separated. Don't worry. No one's present should smell like dirty socks. Probably.

The kids, of course, are about to be spoiled rotten, once again. I'm so thankful that they aren't very materialistic. Yet, anyway. We talk about it quite a bit, and I'm hoping to counter the culture as much as possible. I mean, as much as I can while still showering them with gifts a couple times a year. What can I say? I love giving gifts!

All that to say, I'm a little overwhelmed right now. They kids are in school until Dec. 21st. Which is crazy, in my opinion. We will have our little family celebration on the 22nd, because we will have large, gift-ful family get-togethers on the 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th. If everything goes according to the current plan, of course. Things change, I realize. So I have exactly 0 free days of Christmas vacation to clean my house or wrap presents or try to remember who in the world I bought that necklace for.


Lilibeth said...

Don't forget, you have a some birthdays next week. In fact we are planning a little celebration for that as well...just a little one.

aftergrace said...

Wow, you have it all together...unlike your trusty N.M. CJ. One would think by now I'd have it all figured out...oh well.