Thursday, December 09, 2010

Change of Plans

We are officially home on a sick day, again. Mim became sick to her stomach about a block from school this morning, so I decided to keep Zaya home too and we turned around and came back home.

We're having a warm, cozy day instead of the insanely busy, hectic day I had planned. I had to make about 5 phone calls this morning to cancel aforementioned hectic day, but there's a certain freedom in that. Of course, Mim's sick, which makes for stress and occasional misery, but we're trying to look at the bright side. She's watching Casper and drinking rice broth with newly washed hair and clean, warm pjs.

I ought to be using this time to work on the house, but the motivation is so very lacking. I think I'll be doing good to keep up with the laundry. Ooh, and maybe we can all take a nap this afternoon. I think we might be able to salvage this day yet! Just pray with me that the virus is quick and doesn't pass like wildfire.


Lilibeth said...

ok. So how are you feeling?

Carina said...

So far so good. Mim is better and the rest of us seem to feel fine.

Chandelle said...

Hoping you are all healthy this evening!

aftergrace said...

YIkes, why do these things always happen at this time of year??