Thursday, December 16, 2010


The first spelling bee is officially over. Zaya's class of three little boys joined the first graders at the C campus, so there were about 18 children competing. Zaya didn't win, but he did well. He made it to the final round, anyway. He went out on the word "crawl". He started with C-R-A-L then said, "wait, wait! It's A-W-L!" but of course, she had to take his first response. Oh well. He didn't cry or pout. (Probably because Mrs. P gave candy canes and a hug to each kid as they misspelled their word. She's an excellent and very experienced teacher.) (In the picture, Zaya is spelling his word in the practice round. The lady in the green sweater is his teacher, Mrs. D)

And that may be the only spelling bee we'll ever participate in. This week has made me thankful that we'll be home-schooling next year. All the stress is ridiculous. I love Christmas, but with all the school and church commitments, it's become almost unbearable at moments. Oddly enough, Mim has been the stable one this week. She's usually the one who is fearful and worried, but I think God knew that I needed someone to keep track of me, so He's given Mim an especially sweet temper and a helpful spirit lately.

I just have to keep reminding myself that God's incredible blessings come with responsibilities. I'm so glad that I have my two children. They're healthy, bright, active, obedient children, and they make me happy. They are able to attend a small school where they are loved and surrounded by good, Christian teachers and friends, which is also a blessing. Worrying about a spelling bee is so far down on the list of things a mother could conceivably worry about that I'm ashamed of how much it has been bothering me.

Our families and friends are amazing. I can turn to so many people, and know that they will help me out of my own stupid predicaments. For that, too, I am thankful.
And I'm especially thankful for my husband, who has the patience of Job and wisdom of Solomon. Or close enough, anyway.

God forgive me for my whining, and help me live in this moment. Breathing in grace, and breathing out peace. What's done, is done, and what is yet to come will pass too quickly.


Lilibeth said...

Glad the stress level is a little better. Mine is going to be high still for the next few days... but I'm trying.

Lilibeth said...

Oh, I love Mim's gorgeous, green eyes.

Chandelle said...

There is so much we need to learn to let go of. Doesn't it feel great when a decision is made and we feel good about it? Glad you are counting your blessings!

aftergrace said...

Family and Friends, yep they keep us going is this imperfect world.
Mim does look so grown up, I sure miss my little walking buddy! (Bailey does too)