Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wichta Mountain Excursion

We went to the Wichita Mountains last Saturday, and it was wonderful. Exhausting, but wonderful. Sort of like parenting in general, now that I come to think of it.

We climbed Elk Mountain. Both kids did a great job, which is to say, neither had to be carried even once, and there were no major, or even minor, injuries. Success. Here they are on the peak.

I have a couple of posts planned for the kids individually. They were goofy. There was a troop of boy scouts on the peak, and their leader was telling them what a great job they had done and what a mighty accomplishment it was to get to the top of a mountain. Art said, "Do you think it ruined the power of his speech when they all saw a little four-year-old girl running around up there?" Probably. Funny though, you have to admit.

Then we went to visit the prairie dogs, of which I have no pictures. We stressed to the kids that they couldn't feed the prairie dogs, because it said so on all the signs. Then we ran into our neighbors and good friends from across the street, who were feeding prairie dogs. I prayed for a miracle, but God decided not to answer my plea, and Zaya informed the mother that, 'the sign said they weren't supposed to feed the prairie dogs.' right before we got away. Argh.

Then we took them to the Holy City for the first time. The last two times we went they were either closed, or we had too many people with us to make it a good idea. The Holy City is a replica of...mostly Jerusalem, with different buildings from the life of Christ. The kids loved it, and climbed all over, despite how many rocks they had climbed all morning.


Chandelle said...

Beautiful! I'm glad Zaya has convictions and we pray our children can hold to them in all their years.

Lilibeth said...

I always loved going when you guys were young...and it makes great memories and pictures.

aftergrace said...

What a great day! This looks like the perfect place to take the kiddos for a day out.