Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Things That Made Me Laugh

Here are two great things I heard today.

One was from a student at the Academic Tournament where I was officiating this afternoon.

Question(asked by me): Spell the seven-letter word for the thing someone would "bury" if they wanted to end a dispute or argument.

The answer was supposed to be: H-A-T-C-H-E-T

A young lady buzzed in quickly and spelled: C-A-D-A-V-E-R!

Ummm. No, I don't think so. While that would definitely end the argument, it's not quite what they're looking for.

The other classic was from a certain person who shall remain nameless, but who was walking around town with our Junior High Youth Group this evening.

"Yep. Here's the exact place where I peed on Main street."

It doesn't get any better than this, folks!

This next line was from Mim when we went to the Wichita Mountains the other day.

She kept stopping on the trail to pick a green leaf from one of the scrubby oak trees and lay it carefully on the path.

Me: Mim, what are you doing?

Mim: I'm tricking people so they'll think a duck walked here.

What do you think? Tiny duck feet?

On the same trip I told Zaya that he shouldn't have made a certain jump from one rock to another, because he might have fallen and hurt himself.

He said, "Good thing I have my luck bar filled up!"

When questioned, he informed us that he has a luck bar in the palm of his right hand. When it's filled, life is easier. Specifically, when he asks me if he can play video games, I'll say yes.

Sounds to me like someone has already played waaaayyy too many video games!


Chandelle said...

Thanks for the smiles! I love your children.

Lilibeth said...

That's funny...all of it. I needed a smile. My cold is making me grumpy.

Tendrils said...

Thanks for the laughs!