Friday, April 23, 2010

The Twilight Zone (Princess Style)

You never know what you might see when you walk into Mim's room. Here's what I saw this afternoon.

Apparently she decided to display seven of her dresses on the floor. She even had matching accessories scattered around. Oh, and she has worn at least three of those just in the last three hours. That's not counting the dress she's currently wearing, and several other outfits.

And here's another sight that isn't all too uncommon. This is Goki the hamster, trying, once again, to gnaw his way through the bars of his cage. They're metal this time, so I don't think he'll succeed, but you can see he's already worked the paint off.

At night, you can hear the gentle sounds of the breeze, the peaceful snores of sleeping children...and Goki trying to gain freedom with a judicious application of tooth to metal.

Who am I to deny him his dream?


aftergrace said...

Goki is very cute! I guess hamsters's main goal is to find a way out of their cage..

Chandelle said...

Mim is all girl! Seems so foreign to me. And Zaya would scare me if he was lurking in the dark wearing that mask. As for Goki, that is one determined little hamster!

JAM said...

Goki is cute. Hope that isn't lead-based paint there...the cage isn't from China, is it?