Thursday, April 08, 2010


We took Zaya to the allergy specialist in the City today. It turns out that the poor little guy is allergic to just about everything, which I thought might be the case. Lots of trees, grasses, weeds, molds and pets. Including horses. Good thing he never really got into the whole "cowboy" thing.

Now comes the big question. The doctor there says that his allergies are "severe" and that the little otc antihistamines won't cut it. Which we knew. She recommends allergy shots.

Is it worth it though? They are expensive. Very, very expensive. It feels like maybe it's all just a bid for the money of worried parents.

So I want to know if any of our friends and family out there in internet land have had allergy shots (or your children) and can tell us if it's really worth the money. Do they work? Is it just a scam? Is it worth the pain of all the shots? Is it worth driving to the city a cajillion times for the first couple months?



Crissybug said...

My sister went and got tested, and had many severe allergies. She did the shots, and they worked wonders! It makes me want to go in and see what they can do for me.

Johanna said...

If they keep him from feeling so miserable,I think they're worth it. And if he's feeling good everyone else in the family will feel better too. :)

Tendrils said...

I did the shots for 2 years......and i felt a million times better!

Anonymous said...

My brother takes allergy shots...they seem to do well! Don't know if the Dr. likes it (prob not) but he gives them to himself (in case there are problems he's suppose to be around other people for 20 min afterward). I think he probably had to sign a waiver and he's also much older then Zaya :)

Michelle :)