Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Where Did That Come From?

My son is pretending that his imaginary friend, Spikit,(pronounced Spike-it) has a pet head louse. Earlier he and I had to be various viruses and bacteria invading different body cells. Then we were T and B cells for a while.

After removing all her swimming gear, (No, we didn't go swimming today.) my daughter started running around the house shaking a portable doll crib full of all the loose change from the piggy bank, singing "Jingle Bells".

And Art wonders why I look so tired and confused when he gets home from work in the evenings. These kids are exhausting!


Johanna said...

No kidding. Sometimes it feels like they can suck the life right out of you. I'm glad we didn't wait til now to have the kids. I don't have the energy that I use to. :)

aftergrace said...

Yes, Johanna is right. sometiems kids are energy vampires. Well, I must say though that this energy level does not last forever. ( I think)