Friday, July 24, 2009

Flourishing Fruitlessly

Remember our little herb garden dreams early this spring? Art and I finally finished building it in time to plant a few seeds and a few small plants, Now it is full to the point of overflowing and the kids and I have had a lot of fun choosing herbs for the occasional meals that I actually cook. Here it is in all its glory. (That brown patch is cilantro that has already seeded out. So would you call it coriander now?) (Oh, here's another interesting fact. Coriander is named after a bedbug that it smells like. So I hear. Appetizing, no?)

What is that huge bush up there in the corner, you may ask? Those would be three tomato bushes, actually. Jellybean tomato, or so the little pots said when I planted them. These plants are five feet tall, and rather bushy as you can see, but they currently have two small green tomatoes on them. Total. Over the last month we have harvested eight tomatoes. Total. Did I mention that they're Jellybean tomatoes? As in, same size as...Yeah. Not very productive.

The kids and I found a few pumpkin seeds, so we dug a little hole in the bermuda grass behind the cellar and planted them. From that little hole springs this incredible tangle of vines that stretch, you can see, about twenty feet or so around the end of the cellar.

It has produced one large pumpkin, and two tiny green ones.

The dwarf lime bush and the cosmos are both doing well, but as you can see, our ratio of leaves to fruit and flowers is rather exceptional once again.

So I guess that means that I do have a green thumb, but not an orange or red thumb, which is what I was going for in this particular instance.


tina said...

Your plants are looking a lot better than mine. The only herb that I can keep alive is Basil.

Carina said...

I have been told by several different people to beat my tomatoes with a stick or broom. Even if it doesn't help produce tomatoes, I might do it. It just seems right.

Lilibeth said...

That they are still green in this weather is amazing.

aftergrace said...

Things are looking realy great! I am surprised they are surving the horrible heat wave.