Sunday, July 12, 2009

Please Pray

Update: The hospital where Ren was taken is supposedly a trauma care unit, but they're being horribly slow to take care of her, even though they've told the family about several serious problems. The family are exhausted and almost frustrated beyond endurance. Please pray that they will have the wisdom to say and do what needs to be done to get her the care she desperately needs.

I just found out that my C'auntie J's daughter, Ren, was in a bad car accident last night. She is in the hospital right now and they need our prayers.

Ren and her twin sister Alli have just finished their first year of college. Ren is on the right of this picture with her mom and sister. (I think. Sorry, Ren, if I'm wrong!)


Lilibeth said...

She is going in for spinal surgery tomorrow--rods and reconstructive bone. On Friday she is scheduled for reconstructive facial surgery. Right now the swelling is still considerable and the family of the young man who was driving are denying all responsibility for the accident. (I'm not sure how they can do that.)

Chandelle said...

Heartbreaking news! We will be praying and trusting in miraculour healing!

aftergrace said...

Yes, Ren is the one on the right. thank you for your prayers! :)