Thursday, July 23, 2009

Road Trip

We had another much-too-short trip to visit my grandparents in Texas. We went to see grandpa's garden, ate way too much of grandma's food, and had a great visit with Uncle Tom and Aunt Hazel and Aunt MJP, who I can mention now that I found out she doesn't read my blog anymore. In fact, I should probably put on a picture of her in spite. We also went to visit the "castle park" as my kids call it. They had a fantastic time there. This park is every child's dream.

Grandpa and Zaya hold up a turnip as if they're planning to see someone with a blue ribbon. That turnip currently sits on our dining room table. It mocks me. I don't really know what to do with it. Ms. Bessie (the lady we visit a few times a week) says that her mom used to make turnip soup on washing days. It's an idea, I guess.

Here Mim holds up one of Grandpa P's prize Kohlrabi. It was actually pretty good sliced up with a little lime juice. Rather Jicamesque, to coin a term.

Zaya guards the gates against... who knows. Probably vampire squids or E-Coli bacteria knowing my son.

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aftergrace said...

I love your grandparents! You have such a special family.
Love the photos, too.