Tuesday, February 03, 2009


So here's the current debate in our house.

Is Garfield detrimental to the mental health and stability of our son?

He loves...nay, is obsessed, with Garfield, and reads it all the time; in the car, in his room, at church if we would let him. (Which we don't) (Anymore) (After he laughed out loud during communion.) (We are bad parents.)

Art is afraid that his emotional development is being stunted, if not injured, by the influence of the fat, lazy, selfish orange cat that we all know and love. I think if he wasn't wandering around thinking about Garfield, it would probably be something else. I also don't know how we could give him all these Garfield books (They were ours long ago) and then take them away suddenly. He would be absolutely heartbroken.

What do you think, oh loved ones and random blog viewers? Should we de-cat our home, or is he just being a typical little boy?


Sara said...

I really think it's normal.

Current obsession of the twins-Blue's Clues-they carry blues clues magna doodles around, or pillows, or house shoes, sing the songs and carry the video cases.

Jackson-it's Brisco County Jr.-he dresses as a cowboy and wants me to rent the episodes on netflix again.

Garfield was huge when I was in elementary school. Every kid in our class had at least one book and tried to draw (in my case trace) the characters. We all ended up normal productive members of society...okay that's subjective. I doubt he'll be warped.

aftergrace said...

He is just being a typical little boy. It's okay to be a chld when you are in fact a child. At least he is a happy child and that's something you should be proud of. You and Art are wonderful parents.

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

I agree, it's normal. I remember my love for all things Garfield when I was in elementary school. It's funny, it's less violent than even Wile E. Coyote (another childhood classic), and I don't think it will make him a juvenile delinquent. Just remind him not to laugh out loud if he's reading it in church. (hee hee)

Lilibeth said...

I don't see that it hurt you...
Well, unless that's where you got the habit of kicking your brother off the swingset. (just kidding)

tina said...

I think the mere fact that your four year old son is READING anything is the emotional development issue here. He has found something that matches his academic level while not exceeding his emotional maturity level. (Did that sound smart? No? Maybe that's because it's completely unsubstantiated psychobabble.)

Garfield is not going to harm his mental health and stability--his friends and relatives will do that. And besides, do you really want him to be one of those regular kids who only reads the assigned text and never deviates from the lab manual? I didn't think so.

You know you are not bad parents. You're the type of parents who encourage your kids to learn something from every experience, which sometimes involves experimentation during communion. Don't worry...Jesus has a sense of humor.

Crissybug said...

I agree...it is typical behavior. He sees Garfield as an amusing character. I don't think his 'laziness' is really going to influence him. I think you suddenly taking away something that he likes so much would be more hurtful!

Besides didn't we all love him growing up, and we turned out alright!

Mike said...

He is reading. That's important.


Qtpies7 said...

It is better than Sponge Bob.
Believe me.
And Barney.

Scribbit said...

I don't know--I guess I went through a Garfield phase when I was a little older than he is, checked every book out of hte library and thought they were hysterical. So depending on how normal you think I am . ..

Anonymous said...

So Garfield is fat and lazy? Sometimes we learn how NOT to be from observing others.