Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Sticker is the Friend of the Artistically Challenged

My C'Auntie J sent me a whole box full of scrapbooking paraphernalia today. I was very excited to find it on the front porch and spent all afternoon sorting everything into categories. They are all in file folders now in a basket in my kitchen. I have grandiose plans for their future locations, but that will have to wait, like so many things, until after we finish the den.

All that to say, "Thank you for the sticker love C'J!"


Sam said...

was looking for my blog...and found yours!!! Keep up the great work loving Jesus and your family!!!

just keep taking babysteps!!!


Johanna said...

hmm I may have some stuff you could use. I'll have to search the basement. I think I have some scissors that cut fancy edges. :)

aftergrace said...

Oh but wait babystepper, there's more stickers and stuff coming your way....
xxoo C'Auntie J