Friday, October 10, 2008


We are within sight of having one of the backrooms finished. All we lack is paint, flooring and trim to have our bedroom finished. (There will still be some work to do in the laundry area and the closet, shelving and such, but the main part will be done!)

Now we have to choose paint colors. This scares me because I am not very confident about colors. I can see colors very well, but I can't really tell what will look good together. When I was a senior in high school, I had to have the younger girls in the dorm tell me if the clothes I was wearing matched or not. I'm not kidding. Anyway, I've let Art have a lot of say-so in the colors we choose because a) He's paying for it. b) He's pickier. c) He's doing most all the work and d) It won't be my fault if it looks bad.

What a wife, eh?

Anyway, here's what "we" have chosen for the wall base color. It's hard to see in the picture, but it's a slightly brownish/orangeish off-white. The trim will be pine wood, and the flooring slightly darker wood. The doors and maybe the laundry area will be either dark green or dark blue. I'm leaving Art in charge of that decision for the above mentioned reasons.


aftergrace said...

Painting is always a daunting task at our place, Mark likes the walls totally white and nothing else, and I like a little color.
I'm curious to see what your end product will be, take a picture when you're finished.

Lilibeth said...

I kindof like it too. I think that color would match the stripe to the old sofa at the cabin...maybe.
Did you check out Big Mama's color wheel?

anewphelps said...

Finding correlating paint colors can be so difficult! Sherwin Williams has a great little site which i posted below where you can click on the "launch color visualizer" link and it pops up different rooms and you can go through a color pallet and pick colors AND it will recommend colors that go well with the color you pick! You can even pick an option that says "apply colors to scene" and the computer puts the colors for you where they should go!

its like having your own designer, but no annoying person and you can do it at your leisure from home. i always hate standing staring at a huge palate of colors and no idea where to stat. Sherwin Williams paint can be expensive, BUT if you find colors you like, go get the paint swatches and take them to Wal-mart and they will make them up for you!