Thursday, October 23, 2008

Open Wide

I finally found that magical combination of motivation, self-discipline and plain old serendipity and scheduled the kids for their first dentist appointment. I've been meaning to do this for a while. (Like, oh, about 2 years) but you know, life just sort of kept happening.

Anyway, it all turned out fine, no thanks to the procrastinating mother. Neither of them have cavities, which was an answer to prayer and a big relief. We've been careful to brush their teeth and all, but they did both have bottles to go to sleep well into their second year of life. (I know, I'm a terrible mother. Please keep your loathing to a minimum.)

We're supposed to start flossing their teeth now. Right. I can't even remember to floss my own teeth, let alone my kids' too. Genetically speaking, though, they're already headed for a rough time in orthodontics-land, so I shouldn't add to their troubles.

After their appointments were successfully completed (and they both behaved very well, thanks be to the God of Miracles) we took a little trip to Braum's. Because there's nothing like a little egg nog and chocolate mint ice cream to really finish off a cleaning and fluoride treatment. Did I mention my sub-par mothering skills?

At least I have the consolation that they both came home saying, "Going to the DENTIST is FUN!!!!!" How many mothers can say that, eh?


Qtpies7 said...

It's all fun and games at the Dentist until someone gets a cavity or needs a tooth pulled.
You are not a bad mom, everyone needs a good eggnog ice cream cone once in a while!

aftergrace said...

Going to the dentist can be fun. I'm glad you reinforced this little known fact.
Cute pictures, and by the way you are a terrific mom!

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

I think dentistry is a necessary evil. Yes, healthy teeth are good in an overall health sense, but do we really need 2 checkups a yr if there aren't any problems?

Good for you. I'll be the same kind of mom, belated and doling out the ice cream!

Daddy D said...

ice cream will do that to ANY experience!!!