Wednesday, October 29, 2008


We received the Little Tikes catalog in the mail this afternoon, so Mim got to work making out her Christmas list.

She wants a playhouse for outside. She's even decided where she'd put it. Of course, there's a small detail about the $299.99 that Little Tikes wants someone to pay for this playhouse, but that doesn't seem to dampen her enthusiasm.

I tried to explain that it was unlikely she'd be the proud owner of the aforementioned playhouse, but I don't think I got through.

Meanwhile, Zaya turned the swingset into a boat. A pirate ship, to be more specific. (Thank you, Grandma Lilibeth) I asked him if he was a pirate.

"Oh, no."
"Well, Zaya, what are you?"
"I'm someone who kills pirates."
"Oh dear. Then how did you get onto that pirate ship."
"Well, I killed all the pirates, I guess."

I think we've a little ways to go, yet, in explaining acceptable social behavior. Just because pirates are bad guys doesn't mean it's necessarily OK to slaughter them wholesale. There are all these details about due process and etc.

Maybe they'll cover that in Kindergarten next year.


aftergrace said...

Swift justice matey!
Glad the kids are enjoying a nice afternoon outside. I miss the hours spent looking through the toy catalogs.

Qtpies7 said...

Kids always dream big! We get that squashed later when reality hits.

Drew called today. Said he got a letter from someone he didn't know. LOL He thought it was great!

He's going to try to get to your blog today, if he can get some time online today.

LeAnn said...

Love the kids' imaginations! There is a God-given thing in little boys that makes them want to be a hero. I'm sure you'll nurture him in the right direction.