Wednesday, October 29, 2008

And...One More Time

I've been flying under the radar again this week, with another sick kiddo. Mim came down with a fever late Sunday night, but we're hoping it's the same thing Zaya had last week, which means she should be done with it by today. (fingers crossed)

Lots of coughing, Kleenex and videos here in the Babystepper household these last two weeks. In the process, we've also moved our bedroom out to the back, and Mim's bedroom into our old room. We've also cut a hole in the Living room wall, so that we can tile it and put in the wood stove soon.

Needless to say I've fallen a little behind in, oh, pretty much everything else.

Here's to facing down the odds!

Oh, and look in the top picture at the kids' beautiful new sweaters! One of my friends and ESL students, Laura, knitted them both. She doesn't use patterns or anything like that. I just picked out the yarn for her, and she made each sweater in a couple of days. Zoom on in and look at the detail. You'll be impressed, I promise.


anewphelps said...

You have had a busy couple of weeks! I saw Matt on Sunday and asked you you guys were and what was going on...and his answer was.."fine." ohh and I love the sweaters, Laura did an AMAZING job..I can only admire the depth of the skills she has! Im glad you got your bedrooms moved also, Im proud of you since I still haven't managed to unpack everything.

aftergrace said...

You have been busy!
I can't wait to see the end product of the re modeling. Glad Mim is on the mend, and the sweaters are lovely. Nice colors, too.

Johanna said...

Those sweaters are beautiful and look so nice and warm.
A wood stove will be great! That thing will really pump out the heat.

LeAnn said...

I'm very impressed with Laura's creative skills! And congrats on moving into your "new" room.