Friday, October 17, 2008


Zaya received his first report card this last week. It was yet one more step on his road to adulthood, and felt a little strange.

Of course, there's no A-F at this stage. Just S (satisfactory) or NT (needs time).

He's doing pretty well. The only S- were for "able to work without disturbing others" and "finishes work in a timely manner" or some such thing. The teacher said she only gave those minuses so she would remember what to talk to the parents about. Oh, and he also had an NT on "Cuts well with scissors." She says he flips them over.

Apparently he tends to sing to himself or make noises while he's working, which occasionally distracts the other students. This shouldn't surprise anyone who attended school with me. I still remember one day in class when I was tapping out rhythms with my pencil, my good buddy (MB) turned around to me and said, in a very exasperated voice, "Hey! Band was last hour!" Oh, right. Ummm. Didn't really know I was doing anything. I'm afraid Zaya is going to be the same. Uh Oh.

Anyway, she said he was a good student, had "a lot of energy" (we all know what that means.) and was very well behaved. He really takes it to heart when he gets in trouble, and never has any attitude. Frankly, I care a lot more about that than whether or not he uses his scissors correctly.

I mean, I got a U in coloring in Kindergarten (for not following directions. They were trying to stifle my artistic tendencies.), so I'm hardly in a position to judge the little guy.


aftergrace said...

Zaya sounds like the perfect student. I'm glad he's doing so well, and with such musical parents of coarse there is a song or two playing in his head during schoolwork. He's a happy kid!:)

anewphelps said...

I have to admit I am jealous, I wish that I still got S' or NT on my grades. It just seems so much nicer than assigning a letter or a percentage to a score! ( I guess you could say I'm a bit tired of school already and its only halfway through the semester!)