Thursday, September 11, 2008

We're Still Here

Yes, as Lisa P pointed out, it's been a week of no blogging. Not actually any serious reason for that, only a busy schedule. Oh, yeah, and about 7 books. You might think I'm kidding, but I'm not. Every now and then I get on a little reading jag, and then my family doesn't see me for a few weeks. Right now it's a Helen MacInnes and Mary Stewart jag, so I should be out and about soon, as they each only have about 8 or 9 books that I'm interested in re-re-re-reading.

The kids are doing fine. No one is currently under the weather and we've all adjusted, I think, to the new school schedule. Zaya still loves his class and his teacher, and hasn't had any more altercations with the tiny little Pre-K bully. His best buddy is still Thomas, and they play "superheroes" everyday, from what I can tell. He likes his Spanish class, and has the colors down pretty well. Although there was a little incident with the color purple...that's all cleared up now, though. We told him it's impolite to correct the teacher, and he can just say violeta because that's easier anyway. (I think she's teaching them pURpura which isn't really what any of my Spanish speaking friends say for purple, but Zaya keeps saying purPUla, which is totally wrong. I corrected him, so he corrected get the picture.)

Mim is enjoying her time with Mommy (even when Mommy is reading) and doesn't seem to miss brother too much. She hasn't really had time to because we've kept very busy with ESL classes, shopping and etc. She's getting a little bossy, but I think that's age and genetics more than anything else. I was a bossy little girl myself at one point (OK, I probably still am) so I think I can handle her. She's becoming more and more of a girly-girl, which I don't think I'm prepared for, but I'll try my best. My friends gave her a bunch of beads for her birthday, so we've been designing jewelry here too.


Rosie : ) said...

Oh, she seems to enjoy here necklace-making. :) I know my girls can spend hours on making beaded art! So many learning opportunities in there also. :)

aftergrace said...

Welcome back, I missed you!
Sounds like everything is going well at your place.

Lilibeth said...

And...pray tell...who wouldn't spend this rainy, perfectly misty week reading quietly inside while the daughter learns beading? Enjoy it.

Qtpies7 said...

You ARE busy! I get into reading jags, too.
My first daughter was not a girly-girl, and that frustrated me so much. I am so girly-girl, frilly, dresses, cheerleader, etc. And she is anti-girly-girl. Hated dresses and frills, and cheerleading? Are you NUTS? (in fact, when she wants to play insult me she says "You're such a cheerleader!")
But I now have 2 girly-girls after her that are so much fun! And Kaytlin is now coming around at age 17. Still not into dresses, but she is dressing up and FINALLY curling her hair!!!! Woohoo!!!