Sunday, September 28, 2008

Field Trip!

Friday was Zaya's first ever field trip. We went to a Farm and Corn Maze that is out here in western OK. Mim and I went along to participate in the festivities, along with a lot of other mommies and a couple of baby brothers. Thomas stuck right with us most of the day. He's a sweet little guy. He wanted to hold Mim's hand and pat her a lot. He always had to sit by her and Zaya. He'll be in most of the pictures, I think. He's in a bright blue shirt.

The kids listened to a talk about alternate sources of energy. (Here's what Zaya thought about that.)

Then went for a hay ride. (Minus the hay. It was really more of a trailer ride.) There was a brief stop for pumpkins. Despite the appearance of the photo, it was actually Thomas who wanted to sit by Mim. Although she doesn't seem to mind, does she?

After that exhilarating experience we went through the corn maze. We only did half of it, but that was quite enough for the 14 four and five year olds. (Not to mention all the grown-ups)

They had a little barn where the kids could feed the animals.

And then they watched the farmer hypnotize a chicken. (It's not every day you get to watch something like that! Hot Dog!)

There was a "train ride" and a crazy playground to finish the morning off.

The kids and I went out to eat at Taco Mayo. We were all exhausted, but Mommy most of all. I came home and crashed while the kids ran around like lunatics and planned world domination. (They almost pulled it off, too, but I came out of my fog enough to distract them with Curious George just in time.)


Johanna said...

What a great day! and great pics too!

Qtpies7 said...

I think it sounds totally exhausting. But the whole chicken thing would be cool. I never learned to do that to our chickens! Bummer.
My girl friends and I are taking our little ones to the zoo on Thursday. Should be exhausting.

Tina said...

I know Thomas! And I know why you call him Thomas :)

I just found out today that he and Zaya are friends. His mom works in the office where I used to work.

aftergrace said...

I did not know that chickens can be hypnotized!
You certainly had a fun filled day, I'm surprised the kids were not tired when you got home.

Qtpies7 said...

You've been tagged for a BOOK meme! Come see!