Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request

Please pray for Mrs. S from our high school here. (my alma mater) She and her van load of kids were hit head-on this morning on their way to school. We don't know, yet, who hit them, and we don't know yet the extent of Mrs. S's injuries, because she was trapped still in the vehicle last I heard. Two students have been taken to the hospital, but the rest are OK.

I'll update when I know anything new.

Update: This is all courtesy of the grapevine. Mrs. S was medi-flighted from the scene of the accident to Oklahoma City. Both of her legs are broken. Two boys (A and P) were medi-flighted from the hospital in W'ville. They also have broken legs, and the doctors wanted to check thoroughly for internal injuries. (They may have both been ejected from the vehicle.) One other student was involved, but seems to be fine. The driver of the other vehicle was killed. We do not know who it was, or where he/she was from. We also have no details yet about how the accident occurred.


aftergrace said...

I will be lifting her up in prayer, as well as everyone else involved in the accident.

Sarah said...

Prayers offered. I hope everyone is ok.

Tendrils said...

Oh my Gosh!!!! My prayers are there with her. Keep us posted!

Qtpies7 said...

How sad! Will pray.