Tuesday, September 30, 2008

All I Know

We now know the name of the other driver. He was a student at the university that lived in a nearby town. For reasons unknown his car swerved across the line and hit theirs. Our teacher, Mrs. S, tried to get over, but she just didn't have time to get far enough. He was driving a little convertible, and was ejected forcibly from his vehicle. He died instantaneously.

Our students have some bruises cracks and cuts, and each boy has a broken leg. Mrs. S's legs were crushed by the front of the vehicle, but they are performing surgery already in the hopes that she will be able to use them again. She also has some cracked ribs and the other cuts and bruises and internal problems that come with a wreck of this magnitude.

We're all still praying here, and I hope that you are too out there in internet land.
Thanks for the prayers you've already sent on their behalf.

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aftergrace said...

They are all in my prayers. It is a reminder to me what seems like a slight distraction while driving can have a horrible effect. I wonder if we'll ever know what caused him to swerve.