Saturday, May 17, 2008

In Which I Reveal My Artistic Opinion

I have to admit; I'm not a huge fan of modern art. I know the arguments for its existence, but I suppose I'm among that vast plebian mob that just "doesn't get it."

Witness the above scuplture. It's called Cloud Gate, and is in the Millennium Park in Chicago. It's...interesting...yes. I'll give it that. But beautiful? Aesthetically pleasing? I don't think I can go that far.

Art thought it looked like a gigantic backside. He's a guy, of course, so that's hardly a shock, but I have to admit he has a point...

At least Cloud Gate is something original. It was created entirely from an artist's imagination, and took skill, if only mechanical.

Which brings me to Felix Torres and the Art Institute of Chicago. You walk through a gigantic curtain of goldish beads into an almost empty room, which, as it turns out, is the Felix Torres exhibit. His works of art, although memorable, hardly qualify for the name. In fact, several of them are no longer even things he ever touched or looked at. For instance, one of his pieces (they're all officially "Untitled" which irritates my sister, Claye.) is just a pile of brightly wrapped candies in one of the corners. Art patrons are supposed to take a piece of candy and eat it. This somehow allows them to become involved in the artistic process. Another such work is a gigantic pile of large papers. Again, art patrons are expected to take a piece as they leave. Why? Good question. (Here's my Art, definitely a treasure, holding up a piece of the more dubious "art".)

I know this places me firmly in the midst of the uncultured, but I suppose I fit pretty well there. This is culture in-bred to the point that it drools and hobbles. Frankly, I'm not interested.


Johanna said...

I am not a fan of "Modern" art either. It annoys me greatly that people get paid ridiculous amounts of money for it.

Qtpies7 said...

I don't get modern art, but I think that thing looks pretty cool. I want to run my hand on it. To me it looks more like a giant bean than a butt, though.
Maybe I am ADD "Oohhh, Shiney!!"

Tendrils said...

The Bean! We were just there a few weeks ago!!!!!

Have a great rest of your trip!

Scribbit said...

I completely agree with your sentiments but oddly enough I really like that particular sculpture. It's funny that I always shake my head at modern art--particularly painting--but that's really beautiful (and may my backside look so good :)

Anonymous said...

lol :) This post and it's comments made me chuckle!! :) Thanks! :)
Michelle :)

Lilibeth said...

I always go back to: "But the Emperor has no clothes on." That's what I feel like saying to all those art snobs who make fun of any art that isn't modern and hold themselves to have a higher sense of taste because they appreciate the ludicrous. So, the shiny chrome thing is interesting, but the candy thrown into the corner and the paper torn off and replaced is inane.

aftergrace said...

I'm thinking silver lima. Not a big fan of the modern art either.

JAM said...

I learned as a teen just how uncultured I am. (Though being from Louisiana puts me at a disadvantage from the git-go.)

I always loved the covers of the Saturday Evening Post in our school's library, and then, on my own read some books about art in which, every book that is, used Norman Rockwell as an example of what is decidedly NOT art.

Snooty morons.