Saturday, May 24, 2008


Here was a lunch conversation we had the other day when our neighbor Carl was over visiting.

Zaya: Carl, do you know what a habitat is?

Carl: Yes, I do. Can you tell me what a habitat is?

Zaya: Yes. It's the place where an animal lives.

Carl: That's right.

Mommy: What is the habitat of a whale?

Mim: The sea!!

Carl: Yes. And what's the habitat of a tiger?

Zaya: The jungle!!

Mommy: That's right. And what's the habitat of a lion?

Zaya: The zoo!!!

So close...

And then there was the conversation about their trip to the zoo with Grandma. Zaya told me that they saw a great big snake in the herpeterium, and it was called an...well, I can't actually write it down, but let's just say it was an Anaconda, but he said the last syllable wrong. I'll leave it to your own discovery.


Johanna said...


Qtpies7 said...

I'm stumped, lol. I'm not good at that stuff, things tend to go over my head, lol.

We've had some interesting converstations this week, too, but I haven't had the heart to blog them yet.

aftergrace said...

Kids are too funny, just wait til he gets to middle school...

Crissybug said...

hahahaha! LOVE IT!

JAM said...

There's a place along Florida highway 192 between Melbourne and Orlando that's got a big sign out front with a Massive picture of a cobra on it. This place is called the Reptile World Serpentarium.

I grew up in Louisiana and have seen plenty of snakes without having to pay for the "pleasure" so we have never stopped there. (It's in St. Cloud, Fla)