Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Let's All Get Wet and Cold!

There was a time when I enjoyed playing outside in snow. That time is no more. I'm more than happy, though, to let the kids live out their childhood snow fantasies, as long as my involvement is limited to preparation, and post-play hot chocolate.

Here they are, almost ready to go out. Mim lacks her coat. Don't worry, Grandma, she did wear one. They are planning to build a snowfort. Mim's job is to gather snowballs, and she has developed a technique which involves using slush from the creek as a hard center. Have I mentioned that I'm glad I'm not outside?

I forgot to have either child make a pit stop before they suited up, so I'm not sure how long they'll be able to make it. What a rookie mistake! You'd think I would know better after almost nine years of parenting. With any luck, they'll be too excited to think about it for a while.

Yesterday they made a tiny little lump of a snowman, then saw that he had magically grown when they woke up this morning. Daddy was the magician. He made this big fella on the remains of its predecessor very early this morning as he left for work. He's the best daddy in the world.

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Lilibeth said...

I totally understand your not wanting to play in the snow. I didn't play in ours either. What a thoughtful thing for Art to do.