Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Focus on the Goal...or Not

 Zaya likes to look for ways to make his seatwork take longer. Alright, maybe that's not his primary motivation, but that is certainly the result. One of his favorite "let's-drag-this-assignment-out-for-eternity" techniques is to give feudal titles to the separate areas of his sentence diagrams. This can get very complicated when we have prepositional phrases that act as adjective phrases and etc. It is less complicated, but still confusing when there are compound parts. Here is the way he finally resolved the issue. It makes sense...as much as it can anyway, considering the basic premise is to name grammatical structures after societal positions in a specific historical period.

It also leads to funny questions like, "Mom, does the Pope lick?" What he meant to say was, "Mom can the Pope marry?" but he got distracted because he was writing the word lick at the time.
Meanwhile, Mim found a disturbing new pencil holder. I think it takes up more room than it's worth. Oh, and it's very distracting.

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Lilibeth said...

..so the prince is what holds the King and Queen together but the monk gives an option for allegiance to his two alternative powers...amazing how patient dolls are.