Saturday, March 09, 2013

Trampoline Sword Fight

I'm not sure what's worse: The fact that my children are jumping on a trampoline with foam swords, or the fact that my instant reaction to seeing this was to take a picture and post it on my blog rather than, you know, tell them to stop.

That trampoline has been a wonderful investment. Zaya has spent literally hours and hours jumping around on it. He uses it as a place where he can be alone and imagine while also moving around. Before we had the trampoline, he just walked and skipped around the house imagining, but the trampoline adds that little extra bit of fun.

Mim likes it when there are other children to play with. She wants to play games, have contests, or, apparently, fight with swords.

Isn't it strange that my shy child is an extrovert and the boy who never met a stranger is an introvert? I would never have thought that was possible before I had children.

But I digress. I will probably have to go make them stop sometime soon. The trick is to find just the right moment when they've had lots of fun, but no one has actually been hurt yet. It's a fine and delicate balance.

And if you're unsure, yes, Mim is wearing a Davy Crockett hat. No, I don't know why. Do you need a reason to wear a coon-skin hat?


Lilibeth said...

Hats don't always need a reason. Their grandfather said to tell you he doesn't understand why anyone WOULDN'T want to wear a coonskin on his head.
...and having raised you and your sister and brother, I understand perfectly about that moment before anyone gets hurt.

Lisa said...

Doesn't everyone in MO wear coon skin hats?

Chandelle said...

Many things about this post make me think of my boys. I love to watch Sam playing in the backyard through the window. He is always waving some weapon and in deep imaginary play. We have two coon skin hats - what fun. It is interesting to see our children's personalities blossoming.

aftergrace said...

Nobody in this whole world can ever accuse you all of being boring-seriously. You have far too much fun at your house. :)