Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kitchen Island Paradise

Mim is enjoying the relaxed rules this week as Mommy battles some serious (tooth-related?) head pain. We made a little hammock from what used to be my best sheet. (It's still my favorite, but no longer as beautiful as it was. Apparently my wet hair bleaches fabrics.)

She has a cup of Chamomile tea there, because she decided that she needed it. I was too tired to argue, and was standing in the kitchen anyway.

She's been very sweet this week as I've been periodically down for the count between pain meds. She made me a little platter with crackers, hummus, roasted kale and sweet soy sauce. She really knows the way to Mama's heart.

I plan to do a post soon of our favorite educational iPad games. She is playing one of them. It's called Stack the Countries, and I highly recommend it and the other games by the same maker. There's nothing like the sweet, sweet joy of tricking your children into learning things.

Zaya has requested some Fizzy Fruit Punch, the recipe for which was in his English lesson today. We have a trip to the grocery store to make, and then I am going nowhere else and planning to do only what is necessary to keep the kids alive and the house from burning down. Three piano lessons and a trip to the dentist are quite enough for one day.


Lilibeth said...

A trip to the dentist is enough...all by itself.

Chandelle said...

I hope the source of pain is resolved soon and you feel better quickly!