Saturday, January 19, 2013

All Done

Here is the almost finished project. It took them several hours, but I think they all had a great time.

Tragically, my taking of these pictures has instigated THE CONVERSATION. Zaya has formally requested that I stop talking about him on the internet. I'm really sad, actually, but I respect his wishes. From here on out, he gets to OK or veto future posts in which he is central.

I guess my little man is growing up. I'm not ready.


Lilibeth said...

Noooo! I love hearing about what he is doing all the time. At least see if he will agree to letting the family know.

Anonymous said...

A great mom, you are, to understand that.

Auntie M. 2

Anonymous said...

That's understandable, but I do like reading whats going on with him. Oh well. -Elisha