Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Compilation of Weirdness

Things Overheard in the Thiessen home
Culled primarily from Facebook status updates
You have been warned.

Here are examples from recent months:

My son is imagining that he went to the end of the universe and opened up a new one with his friends. His friends are " a dino-pirahna plant, Yoshi, and a mutant six-legged lion that he just made up." So...shouldn't he have at least one real, flesh and blood, human friend? Do other people's little boys have friends?

Kids were listening to Respighi's Pines of Rome this morning with the iTunes visualizer on too. I kept hearing things like "Double Helix!!" and "A Wormhole!" coming from the other room. They have weird hobbies.

I came home from grocery shopping to find that my children had transformed into Jedi warriors.
And they have a Wookie named Hanukkah.
I'm pretty sure that's not socially acceptable.

Zaya wrote a silly story yesterday. I printed it out this morning. We are running out of ink, so some of the words are very bold. The others are light and faded. He's reading it out loud, but loudly emphasizing all the random parts that are dark. He's such a goober.

Right now in our house:
Zaya is a vampire
Mim is a Werewolf/Vampire/Zombie. She morphs.
I frankly have no idea how they know much of anything about these creatures. I blame ThinkGeek.

Mim in a whiny voice -
"Mom, I just want to play tax-collector, but Zaya keeps going off to other dimensions."

At breakfast, my kids were cafeteria managers. Then they were time-travelling big game hunters. Then they were T-rexes. (This says something about their place in the whole predator/prey dichotomy, I think.) Now I'm supposed to go see "a special" in Mim's room. It's only 9 am. This is going to be one of those days.

Zaya tonight, calling from his bedroom:
So, Dad...a hypothetical question. If the earth, or any planet, were hollow, and there was something at the exact center of that hollow space, would there be pressure on it from all sides because of gravity?
An exact quote. They're still in there discussing it. I keep hearing words like mass, nebula and eon. Not sure what the answer was.

Zaya keeps saying he's eating a Barbarian Filled Long John.
Sounds horrific!

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Erica said...

Hanneke is a fairly common name in Holland, I think- at least I know two Dutch girls with that name! (pronounced just like the holiday). So, perhaps not SO socially inappropriate!