Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Mim has a great imagination. It runs on a different track than Zaya's, but it's no less unique.

She told me she wanted to draw a face with pipe cleaners and paper. I found some tape for her and then left her to her own devices. She returned with this.

In case you can't tell, that's a gigantic open mouth. The red pipe cleaners are lips, then we have a tongue, uvula, tonsils and dark pit of the throat. There are teeth around the outside.

We went to the Bass Pro Shop in Springfield to visit my cousin. The kids each chose a stuffed animal. (Separate post about that to follow.)

Mim's animal is a wolf named Silver. He's become her baby, and she's decided to wear him like a tribeswoman might. I helped her with this particular arrangement.

I think the wolf looks pretty happy too.

She has also absolutely fallen in love with Minecraft. It's a world-building game that looks simple at first glance, particularly because they've purposely chosen an 8-bit art style, but the options are near endless.

Mim has already created seven or eight worlds. (This is not one of them, it's just a picture I found on the net.) She only likes to play in creative mode, because you can't die and you already have access to all the resources. If I could figure out how, I'd get a screen grab of one of her glass and diamond palaces for you, or one of her vast chicken coops made of blue wool. She also has a house on one world that is layered with different materials so that as you go down the interior stairs, you walk past strata.

She always was my child who would play with blocks. Essentially, this is blocks on an infinite scale.

It's so fun to watch my children grow, because they show their personalities in such funny ways. I love that home-school gives me the blessing of being there for so many of these moments because we are all learning to embrace our weirdness, and it's quite a trip!


Lilibeth said...

My computer is not wanting to load the photos today, but I can well imagine. It makes me wish I had been able to play when I was a little imaginative girl.

aftergrace said...

Your kiddos are always so entertaining...I imagine you never had a dull moment at your place.

Blackstubble said...

hit printscreen and then go to paint and press CTRL + V