Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Some Christmas photos and thoughts. Not deep thoughts.

We had our usual hustle and bustle this year, with an added element of staying with family until we were ready for the drive back to Missouri. It was great to see everyone again, and I officially apologize for all messes and inconvenience that we left behind.

We had our own little celebration here at home the day before we left.

Then we visited my family for a few days, and traveled to Texas for a day as well.

The next few days we spent with Art's family.

We were almost able to pack everything back into the van for the trip home, but not quite. (That's without the back bench seat. We left it at home.)

While we tried to unpack, a process that took several days, the kids began rediscovering their toys. Mim begged every two or three minutes (from Monday to Friday evening when we arrived home) for me to go get batteries for the remote control cars that they got from my grandparents in Texas. She couldn't understand why I wasn't terribly eager to get back in the car and run to Wal-mart.

In the interest of family peace, however, I did. They have provided hours of great entertainment. Mim's remote came without an antennae, so Aaron soldered one on for her. Of course his looks great and works very well. I had previously come up with my own solution, which involved a metal chopstick and some painter's tape. Granted you had to kind of hold it in with your hand while using the remote, but I'd like to point out that it did work.

That's our Christmas story. Lots of family, lots of gifts, lots of fun, lots of unpacking. All worth the trip.

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Chandelle said...

Sounds like a happy Christmas!