Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Burnination Play by Play

Zaya today is "sort of a dragon". He's a "land dwelling creature that breaths hydrochloric acid instead of fire, and drinks sulphuric acid". All I can think is, imagine the heartburn!

Mim (just a plain dragon) is attempting to care for him, and being rewarded with showers of acid. You can only do so much for some people.

She has suddenly decided that she has crystal armor on, and the debate of whether or not HCL could eat through crystal is going strong.

I've also discovered that fire-breathing dragons do not like to have their hair brushed. They retaliate. Who knew?

Something like this happens ten to fifteen times a day in my house. They have the most bizarrely vivid imaginations. I can't even get pictures, because they're generally in perpetual motion.

I just try desperately to keep up, and not get caught in the cross-fire. (Or cross-acid, as the case may be.)

I've just been handed a "big chunk of ruby" so maybe it's got it's perks.


Lilibeth said...

Uncle Mark says that if the crystal were composed of glass it would not be dissolved by hydrochloric acid.

Chandelle said...

I love great imaginations! Makes a person fun.