Monday, August 02, 2010

Sousa Rolls Over

There are three little girls (3,4,and 5) marching around my house right now to Stars and Stripes Forever. They're all playing percussion instruments, too. "A perfect picture opportunity," you might exclaim. Well, yes, it would be, except that they're all in their panties.

See, I would've blogged a lot more this summer if my children wore more clothes.

My nieces, Jaida and Addy, are playing here this morning, and it's just been one big adventure after another.

Thank goodness for iTunes. I don't know when I picked up this "Great American Marches" CD, but it's going to help fill up this last hour.

Zaya, on the other hand, has mostly just been reading and wandering around looking at his fish and avoiding all the women in the house. He's "not in the mood for parade." Can't blame him. I'm not either. I'm more in the mood for Excedrin right now.

"Fish?" you say. Yes, we are now the proud owners of three fish. The kids bought them last week, and are completely in love. I'll introduce the fish soon in their own special post. The fish aren't wearing any clothes either, but I think we can risk a picture or two.


Chandelle said...

Love it!

aftergrace said...

Well, it does sound like lots of excitement at your place! Are the kids getting jazzed for school?

Lilibeth said...

Sousa just has that effect on everyone...the marching, that is. I think the attire is due to this heat and the air conditioner's failure to keep up.