Friday, August 20, 2010

Part 1 of Too Many

So much has happened this last month, that I've had very little time or energy to chronicle all of it like a good mommy/blogger would. Here are some pictures to begin a quick run-through.

My cousin got married on Aug. 7th, and the kids were flower girl and ring bearer. There were two other flower girls also. The three of them looked a bit like a Clairol commercial. (To quote an observer).

I have a picture that is very similar to this last one of Mim eating her pre-wedding snack. It's from my own stint as flower girl at my aunt's wedding. That would be the mother of the bride of this wedding. Coincidence? I certainly didn't plan it, but it worked out well. (If you have that picture, Mom, it would be very nice of you to scan and upload it. Hint hint.)

My eyes are already starting to hurt, so I'll have to finish the rest of the month's activities later. That's another reason I haven't posted much. The computer makes my eyes/head hurt. =(


Lilibeth said...

Ok, I'll try to find that picture, but you were younger, I think.

Anonymous said...

I have that picture, or at least one of them. :) You were just barely three years old. I'll see if I can scan it.

~Auntie M

aftergrace said...

Beautiful! Everyone looks lovely,and so relaxed. It must have been wonderful!