Saturday, August 21, 2010


Mim and I at five years old. Obviously, my mother was a lot more patient with long hair than I am. I'd love for Mim to have long hair, but I'm not ready to face all that brushing. Oh, and the bangs thing, well, it was 1985. What can I say?

Here I am as a flowergirl at Auntie M's wedding.

Here's Mim as the flower girl at Auntie M's daughter's wedding. I forgot how young I was at the time. Mim has a good year and a half on me.


Lilibeth said...

Oh, and your hair wasn't really that deep auburn color. That's just the effect of the picture fading over the years. Your hair was actually closer to the color of Mim's the winter, but much blonder in the summer.

aftergrace said...

I can see both you and Art in little Mim. She does indeed have your eyes.
What a couple of cuties!

Chandelle said...

You are too adorable! Love your big brown eyes. Of course, I think Mim is as precious as ever also.


She was precious at both weddings, and girl does she ever remind me of you! I've got some pics of you when you are about that age...maybe some you've never seen. I'll try to upload them to FB some day...sigh.