Monday, August 23, 2010

ABC - 123

The kids started kindergarten and 1st grade on August 12th, and so far, so good. Mim and Zaya are both enjoying their classes and teachers, and Mim is tear-free, and staying all day, every day. Here they are on the first day of school.

I miss them during the day, but it's also wonderful to have so much time to be productive. Of course, that means I have no excuses now for not getting the house clean, cooking good meals, writing, exercising, blogging and, most importantly, having a quiet time. Guess I'll have to work on that "self-discipline" thing this year.

The kids' only disappointment so far are that they have only learned one cursive letter (Mim) and they're still just counting and adding ones (Zaya). I'd say those are minor complaints, given all the possibilities.


Chandelle said...

Too cute! Sam was disappointed that he had to change the way he printed the capital letter A. Glad everything is off to such a positive start!

Lainey-Paney said...

So cute!

jaerose said...

How adorable! Just paying your site a visit after your kind comments on my page. It seems it's the start of school the world over. I hope all that 'mommy' time agrees with you! Jae :)

aftergrace said...

They look so cute! Don't you love how kids are always so willing to line up for photos?

Enjoy your time without kids, do something fun that you've been putting off.