Friday, February 19, 2010

True Bliss

The thing Mim was most excited to see in Dallas were the elevators and escalators. In fact, the night before we left she prayed specifically that she'd get to see an elevator.

We finally found our way to a mall, only to discover that the escalators wouldn't start up for another hour. This is what children who wish they were riding an escalator look like.

Oh, and a little parenting tip. A good way to cheer up escalator-less children is to tell them to go stand by the sign and "look sad".

Luckily the big glass elevator was working well, so we rode that for a bit. It was a great success.

At long last, the escalators started began moving and we were in transportational paradise.

At least until Zaya caught the undersides of his wrists in the moving hand rail. I have no idea how that happened. I can't even think of what position he was in that would make that possible. I know he wasn't doing anything unusual, or I would have seen him from the base.

Mim was still a little too nervous of the moving steps to risk jumping out on her own, but she had a blast with Daddy.

All in all it was a great success. I dread the day when they start expecting things like Six Flags. The escalators and elevators are more my speed.


Lisa said...

...and more budget friendly!

aftergrace said...

I had forgotten about the days when escalators and elevators were the main entertainment for little ones...I miss those days!

Lilibeth said...

Free entertainment! It doesn't get any better. The longer you can keep people from telling them about those other entertainment places--that cost about 50 bucks apiece--the better off you'll be.

Chandelle said...

I was just thinking about the perfect timing needed for escalators, when I read about Zaya! I, too, dread the days of faster and higher adventures.

Julie K. said...

I love Mim's striped pants and pink shoes. They are adorable! She should enjoy wearing them now, because when she is my age people will think she's crazy!

Qtpies7 said...

LOL Cheap family entertainment! Awesome!