Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Return

Our internet died last Thursday, approximately 3 hours after the first ice storm of 2010 began. We never lost electricity, which was wonderful and completely shocking,(no pun intended) but we were holed up in our house for a few days. It was nice at first, but the children began to get a bit restless by, oh, Thursday afternoon.

On Saturday we took the kids sledding for the first time in their young lives. Art spent most of the morning making a sled for them (of course) but in the event we mostly used inner tubes from Grandpa's barn. (The hill had too many frozen clumps of grass for us to use the sled until they had been worn down sufficiently.)

All in all, they enjoyed the ice and snow, and I suppose I did too, since it didn't cause too much trouble. It is beautiful, you have to admit. Well, you would admit it if I had ever gotten off my lazy bum and gone out with my camera. Sorry.

All that to say, actually, that I have finally been reconnected with the internet community. I can't express my relief after six days of darkness and isolation.

OK, so I wasn't actually isolated, just net-less, but it feels like the same thing. I had so very many e-mail messages when I was finally able to check it, and I don't know if I'll ever catch up with everyone's blogs.


Johanna said...

So very glad to have you back!!

Carina said...

Well, I say that, but now our internet is out again. Aaargghh!!!

aftergrace said...

Missed you!