Friday, February 26, 2010

Future Blackmail, Part 2

Here we have a little photographic essay on my son's (one and only) foray into cross-dressing.

We went to Cousin Jaida's birthday party last Saturday, and her Nana S has a big box of dress-up clothes and wigs. Obviously, it was a big hit with the kids. They were heartbroken when we had to leave three hours later.

I think this one makes him look like Shaun White. Well, you know. The hair part. Zaya becoming a snowboarder is second on my nightmare list only to him becoming the aforementioned cross-dresser.

This picture makes me afraid too, but on a completely different level.

The last thing I need is a Cowgirl Princess with that much attitude.

Luckily, she has her Daddy looking out for her.


Lilibeth said...

They are all precious pictures...especially the last one. I'm glad, though, that Zaya keeps his hair short.

Chandelle said...

Fun fun.