Monday, March 10, 2008

Prayer Request

Please pray for the N family in our community. They lost their daughter unexpectedly last night.

Breawna was in college here in a nearby town, but still lived at home because of her disability. She's been in a wheelchair all her life, but I don't know of anything she couldn't do. Except fight this last battle. She only had a cold, or maybe bronchitis, the doctor said, but it was enough, whatever it was.

Although her body was twisted up, and so tiny, her mind was sharp, kind and wise. I don't remember her ever saying anything in Sunday School that wasn't intelligent and applicable. She graduated as Valedictorian from her high school class, and won over the whole community through her years of growing up here.

We're all going to miss her.


Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

Who is it?

Johanna said...


Auntie M said...

I remember her from Academic Team. I am sad. And I am praying.

aftergrace said...

I will be praying, this is a tough time for all involved.

Lilibeth said...

I'm going to miss her too. I remember the first time I ever saw Breawna. She was a toddler, riding in a little wagon, unable to walk or sit up straight. She was crying because I was dressed as a jester, and the little bells and pink pointed hat scared her. I spent that entire week making sure I didn't startle her. Later, I learned more about her through academic team tournaments and through occasional visits at your church. She smiled a lot, and her eyes were brave.
This is her birthday...and the first day she is able to walk and run and breathe deeply all the healing air of Heaven.