Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Little Pre-Easter Festivities

Yesterday was the Easter Parade at the Nursing Home here in town. We don't have a grocery store or a gas station, but we do have one of the best nursing homes in the state. It's clean, well run, and I wouldn't be afraid to put my own loved ones there, which is saying something.

Anyway, the Friday before Easter all the pre-schoolers get together and do a little Easter Parade at the Home. The idea is to wear your Easter clothes, but that doesn't always happen. I respect Murphy's Law, and I'm pretty sure there's something there about dressing your little ones in their fancy Easter outfit and sending them to an extended care facility.

Mim's dress is one I picked up last year, and she has a different dress for Sunday that was given to me in the intervening time. Therefore, she was able to dress up all floofy without Mommy being a nervous wreck. Jaida (and baby sister Addy) wore a cute little easy-clean knit, because her mommy is smart. (And has worked in that nursing home for years.)

That was yesterday. Today we decorated eggs in the morning, and the kids went to the town-wide egg hunt in the afternoon. We came away with lots of little toys, candy, (No chocolate. They learned their lesson last year when every child there walked out with sticky, brown hands.) and about $4.85 in change.

Our egg decorating was a big success this year, because I did not buy egg dye. I came across these great little dye-filled cotton swabs. All you do is snap one end and the dye runs out the other end and into the swab. They're fantastic. Then the kids just color with them on the eggs and the dye dries quickly.

OK, so it makes a bit of a mess on fingers, but so did the total immersion method. (Sounds a bit like baptism.)

Be that as it may, the results were a happy mom, two happy if slightly discolored kids, and nine colored eggs. Success all around. (Those in the left line are Zaya's, the two in the center are mine, and those in the right are Mim's. As you can see, I have no artistic tendencies to pass down, and can only hope my husband's genes will make up the difference.)


Lilibeth said...

Gracious, what sweet little children. Some grandma is lucky to have them as grandchildren. Paint sticks, huh. Oh well, they will have a lot of fun finding them.

Qtpies7 said...

I wish I had known about those!
My mom did the eggs with the kids this year, so it was better all around for me!

Heather said...

Love the eggs! I did regular dye with my nieces (ages 7 & 8) and I was terrified the entire time that one of them would spill the dye everywhere!

Oh, we dyed them, then I forgot to put them on the table for Easter dinner. So guess what I'll be eating all week?

aftergrace said...

Too much fun! Alli, and Ren still love dying eggs, and they are 18!