Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lots of photos. Hope you have high speed!

Approximately every other Tuesday we go to the bookmobile for a fresh infusion of library books and a little story-time with the librarians. The kids love it, and I do too as it's yet another reason to change out of my sweats and brush my hair.

OK, you're right, I've been known to go in my sweats.

Anyway the point is that the whole experience is a strange one when you think of how most children in this country experience the library. We climb into what is essentially the back of a little truck and the kids roam around stepping on each other and picking through the book selection. (They get new ones fairly often)

After they've loaded the bag we go inside the nursing home. (That's where it parks) Our story time is in the lobby of the apartment section. There is usually one other family (our youth pastor's wife and two sons). (Hi C!)

After story time the kids and I always go down to the local cafe. Our town cafe has had a long and sordid history, with ups and downs, but we're currently riding a wave so the eating is good. The kids love it, and because they've been doing this since they were babies they handle it fairly well.

In fact, when Mim was born the (then) manager bought her a baby gift. I guess she knew it was a little future customer.

All that to say, life's a party here in small-town America. Y'all are missing out!


Kalar said...
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Motherhood for Dummies said...

a bookmobile! that is too fun!

aftergrace said...

Hey, this sounds like my kind of town. We lived in a small town until the girls were three, and we loved it. Sure miss it.

Heather said...

The small town where I grew up didn't have a book mobile, but the library was just as small! I remember how crowded it was, and I was a little kid so it must have been REALLY crowded for an adult.