Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Blog, Blogger, Bloggest!

Zaya has recently fallen in love with superlatives. The other day he was running around the house saying,

"Big, bigger, biggest! Red, redder, reddest! Tall, taller tallest!" (and so on)

When he ran through the living room he was looking for superlative inspiration and came up with,

"Hot Wheels, Hot Wheelser, Hot Wheelest!"

Apparently there are still some aspects of grammar that are a closed book.


Lilibeth said...

brilliant, brillianter, brilliantest

Anonymous said...


It's like "-ísimo."

It reminds me of our first lesson about superlatives at the first school where I taught. When the bell rang, one of my kids left the room and said, ¡Adios√≠simo!

It's a good expression, lol.

aftergrace said...

Love your blog "the mostest"

Melissa said...

well he is just cute, cuter, and cutest!

JAM said...

I've loved Hotwheels all my life, and can totally relate to the boy's remarks. Makes perfect sense to me!