Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Ladies and Gentlemen, we introduce you to Vivian-Cat. "But that is undoubtedly a large, bloated plush sheep," you say with confusion in your voice. Ahh, but that is where you would be wrong. This, according to Zaya, (And he ought to know) is Vivian-Cat. She is officially a cat now, for reasons that only the toddler knows. She's been sliding around the house meowing and cuddling and generally being cat-like. It's very confusing for a poor grown-up mind like my own, but not unusual at all for Zaya and Vivian.

Suddenly this morning he decided she was a sheep again. "Zaya's Mommy, did you know that I'm a sheep again?" she asked me. I told her I missed having her around as a sheep and she said, "Yeah, so that's why I'm a sheep again." (Well, Zaya had to translate for her.) We live in a crazy world here in the Babystepper house.


aftergrace said...

I wish we could all keep the sweet imaginations we were born with. I would like to be something different for a day, too.

JAM said...

That is so sweet. I remember thinking, when my girls would say such things, that having little kids around helps keep your spirit young. They may run you ragged physically, but their imaginations are a wondrous thing.