Friday, November 02, 2007

Am I a writer yet?

Well, I'm now 2,387 words into my first novel; a gripping tale of a young (college age) Oklahoma farmer named Timothy and his efforts in solving a local crime in which he has inadvertently landed himself by discovering the body. I promise not to regale you with his exploits. I'll only tell you that the story will eventually involve illegal immigration, which makes it a bit of a combination of two of my ideas from last week's Thursday Thirteen.

OK, I know that most of you read this blog to see cute pictures of my children, so I'll also include this photo of the rare camofly who flitted into our house the other morning to hug Daddy goodbye before work.

I can't promise to post any long meaningful posts this month, because I have to write 1,667 words a day to meet my NaNoWriMo challenge. (50,000 words by November 30) I'm already behind, but my eyes are killing me, so I'm going to have to quit for tonight. Ugh. Computers.


lilibeth said...

A butterfly disguised as a soldier that's a switch. And how young is your young farmer/detective?

Babystepper said...

He's in college. I added it in the original post now.

aftergrace said...

Where can I find some cool camofly wings?
Oh, and what type of farmer is Timothy?


I can see why immigration is on your mind lately.

(Jim &) Brandy Brow said...

Over 2,000 words? Great job! I'm up to 4,031, but I'm still about 1,000 behind. Funny--I just blogged about it today, too.

Keep at it and remember to get rest when you need it. Words come slower when your head shuts down. ;)

The Building Brows

Qtpies7 said...

I could NOT fit that into my day right now. Not that I really have any desire to write a book right now. My friends are trying to get me to write a children's book. I think I could write a potty training book, how NOT to go potty, like smearing poop here and there and every where. Sort of like a Dr. Suess book. Can't you just see it now?
"You should not poop here or there, you should not leave poop anywhere, except the potty."

JAM said...

Spiffy! A whodunnit, eh?

I'm not sure what mine is yet. I had a character rattling around in my head most of the year and I liked him a lot, so I'm writing about him, but he isn't in the thick of things yet. I never know what's next 'til I sit down to write.

My eyes get all blurry too. I hate my three month old glasses with a passion.

Hang in there! (sorry I'm having to back track here, i have been remiss in my blog visiting)