Monday, November 12, 2007


I'm discovering the pros and cons of having a child who can read. The pros, of course, are that this opens up a whole world of joy and discovery and yada, yada, yada. More importantly, it means he can read books to his sister, like in the photo above, and Mommy gets a little break.

The cons are that, well, he hasn't quite figured out what he should and should not read aloud in public, and it's more difficult to hide things from him. For instance, when we had our trip to the zoo last month, he knew about it SEVEN DAYS in advance. That was way, way earlier than I had planned to tell him. I repeat, in case you didn't catch the full implication, my son knew we were planning a trip to the zoo for SEVEN. DAYS. BEFORE. WE. LEFT. The conversation went something like this.
"Z-O-O, Z-OO ZOO! ZOO! Mommy, the calender says ZOO!!!!!" Except with more excitement. Then we had seven days full of "Are we going to the zoo today?"
Another downside to the whole reading thing was brought home to me in the grocery store today.
"B-U-D. BUD! Hey, Mom, that big sign says BUD! What is BUD?"
At least I wasn't buying the actual product, but only passing it in the aisle. I think we should switch back to shopping in the store that doesn't carry alcoholic beverages.
I guess I should just be glad it wasn't a big sign that said K-O-T-E-X.


Attolia said...

You should start writing stuff on your calendar in Spanish. :)

Heather said...

Too funny! So much to look forward to!

aftergrace said...

Ah the joys of having little ones.
Now mine speak in French in front of me to keep me from knowing what they are talking about.:)

crissybug said...

Hahaha...The things that I will be able to enjoy in the future. I can't believe he is reading already!

Qtpies7 said...

Be glad you live in a small town. You wouldn't believe what the kids get to read in the cities.. "Sexposium" They have a big s e x expo in the cities every year. And advertise on great big billboards along the interstate. Even the preteens ask what a "sexposium" is. And then when they start reading in the public bathrooms..... Those little dispensers... just be glad that most of the time it is in the men's room and daddy gets to answer that question.

JAM said...

Having dogs is almost like having permanent two year olds. They know lots of basic words like bye bye and cheese and will freak out if they hear them. We have to spell words around them to prevent this. At least we don't have to worry about the dogs learning to read.

Great story.

Anonymous said...

lol...too funny! My niece seems to be close to reading so I'm sure my sister will be experiencing similar situations soon :)
Michelle :)

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

I like what atollia said!